Jazz Café Posk, 14 April 2018. With a weakness for vibes and an admiration for Tamás Teszáry’s recent Bopcore album, I’d been looking for an opportunity to catch the band live. And thanks to a various – Giants Of Jazz cancellation, the chance came up at Posk last Saturday. Considering the short notice, this mostly-Hungarian outfit acquitted themselves brilliantly: it was bop-inspired music of rare quality.

The chemistry between pianist Imre Varga and Brazilian-born drummer Cyro Zuzi was clear for all to see, as they egged each other on, seemingly sharing little musical jokes throughout the gig. In contrast to the others, Peter Bakaja floated serenely above it all, barely moving a muscle while firing off electric bass lines of extraordinary speed and complexity. Sweetness and melancholy characterizes many of these tunes, such as In Between Stations, which drifts along, beautifully conveying the sense of impermanence implied in the title. But these gentle, melodic qualities are counter-balanced by a devotion to bebop and the Hutcherson-like riff, as in The Cycle of Life and Compass. Midnight Drive is the sort of cool swinging tune that would have accompanied a BBC2 drama of the 1960s. They encored with an original take on So What, rendering the old chestnut fresh all over again.

It’s a tip of the hat. 1, will be launching at Pizza Express Jazz Club on 1 May. These Human Beings, during 2016, and listening to the music of so many musical titans who died during that terrible year. Travelling the country as they heard the news of the deaths of musicians who’d played centre stage during the band’s musical coming-of-age in the 1980s, from Bobby Hutcherson to Prince and David Bowie, the trio decided that this album would be a tribute to the whole community of music-makers.

Pink Floyd to Bowie to Prince. There were personal musical reasons for a different approach on the new album, too. The first album was more acoustic, with a combination of compositional tricks and more open, modal sections. This time we wanted to concentrate on through-composed pieces, more like a prog-rock band.