Wasted money on unreliable and slow multihosters? Download from ALL Mirror Of Love – Sandra – Mirrors as a premium user at incredibly fast speeds! SCENE opens on an unconscious 19-year-old girl, Nora, lying on the floor of an empty cell. She is wearing ‘weekend’ clothes: a tank top and skirt.

From her perspective, we hear the voice of a man telling her to wake up. She screams and tries to get away from him. CU of the clock: 61:11:02 and counting down. Under the clock are 5 unlit led lights. Nora is in a ball in a corner of the cell, rubbing her arms to be warmer. Alan is in the other corner sleeping. As she shivers harder and harder, Alan wakes up.

I told you I am not going to hurt you. Come and sit next to me, I’ll warm you up. Alan gets up and removes his dress shirt, leaving him in an undershirt. He walks towards Nora ‘At least take this, I can’t stand to see you like this! Smash cut to the bare chicken bones on the ground. We can hear their bellies grumbling.

Both detainees are sitting in their corners. Nora speaks ‘So do you think at the end of this countdown they will let us go? As she points to the clock, it now shows 37:13:45. I don’t know,’ says Alan, rubbing his wedding ring. I’m I’m Nora by the way. Nora adds ‘ And what were you doing before you know. I was going home from class I I teach math at Northwestern, and I’.

Nora is pacing the room as Alan is sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth rubbing his wedding ring. My wife must be worried sick. And now she must be alone, pregnant and scared. He explains how his girlfriend from college pressured him into taking a job because she was pregnant back then.

They got married and then had the child who then passed away. They didn’t think they could have another child, the pain was too much. But then Maria got pregnant again that was 6 months ago. She reaches her arm towards his shoulder. As soon as they touch, the lights go pitch black and, a moment later, pillows appear. They tense up and stare at them.

Alan gets up, wiping the tears off his face. Wait a second’ He suddenly grabs her arm. The lights go out again, and candies appear. I get it,’ says Alan, terrified, ‘when I gave you my shirt, and just then my shoulder and now your arm they want us to touch each other!

Puzzled, Nora puts a hand on Alan’s chest, over his undershirt. Alan moves her hand slowly to his exposed skin, the lights go black and more candies appear. CU on the security camera zooming in. They both look at each other. Alan is the first one to understand and takes a step back and says, ‘Oh my god’ as he grabs his face.

Now we know how to get food! Then she looks at the clock 23:47:12. Then looks at the security camera, she walks towards it. She takes off her tank top revealing her breasts. A green light flashes, and the clocks beeps fast-forwarding to 09:59:59. Alan in horror tries to look away muttering ‘what are you doing? She pulls down her skirt and panties.